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An invisible power, which is responsible for the origin of five elements i.e. Sun (Fire), Earth, Air, Water & Sky (Aakash), are the cause of the Origin of the Universe, the origin of all living & non- living objects. As per scientific observations Sun is Fourteen hundred crore years old, Earth four hundred crore years old, life three hundred crore years old but human is just some lac years old. Invisible power generated human, who generated electricity, but he cannot see it. Electricity is the power which performs functions. We recognize it only through its functions. Our forefathers recognized the invisible power through its functions and gave the name “GOD”, An invisible power which performs the functions of Generations, Operations & Destruction of the universe is GOD. In the Punjabi language, He is called as RABB (ਰੱਬ). ‘ਰ’ Rachan Karne Wala, ‘ਬ’ Barbad Karne Wala. As this invisible power is also responsible for the origin of five elements. This power was given the name as ‘भगवान’ ‘भ’ for Bhumi (Earth), ‘ग’ for Gagan (Sky), ‘व’ for Vayu (Air), ’आ’ for Aag (Sun) ‘न’ for Neer (Water). According to the Urdu language, He is known as “Khuda” mean “Khud Ada Karne Wala” as that power performs its functions itself.

It is hereby established that God is a reality, not faith as is generally supposed If we recognize electricity through its functions then why we should not admit God through His functions. There is no necessity to see Him. Moreover, it is also proved that ‘God is One’. Though He is named differently in different language & Dharmas. He is One & we are zero. All other species & creature of god’ are minus zero wants to gain or raise its power it has to follow one i.e. God. It is hereby concluded that to make our life successful we should follow ‘God’.

Now we face the million-dollar question “ To run this universe successfully to whom God follows?”.

The answer to these questions is that God follows the power to whom He cannot generate, cannot operate & cannot destroy. The name of that power is ‘Time’. God is supreme because He performs every function in a Time. So we should try to work in time, we should respect the time.
Five elements are under the direct control of God. As He loves His creation, He showers these five elements equally at the same time for everyone irrespective of His Karams whether good or bad. But Time effect is not equal to everyone at the same time. If time effect has been lying under the direct control of God, it might have been equal to everyone at the same time.

Our karmas are responsible for Our good or bad time. Good karmas produce good results & bad karmas produce a bad result. We ourselves are responsible for our good or bad time. We should not blame any other person for a bad time. Any moment is good for someone as per his karmas & at the same time bad for another as per his karmas. To achieve success in our life we should Thank God, respect Time & Do Good Karmas.

“GOD” give the clear-cut message to us:

“मैं तुम्हारे जन्म के समय से लेकर तुम्हारे मरने के समय तक हर समय तुम्हारे साथ हूं ।
परन्तु तुम्हारा समय, हर समय तुम्हारे साथ नहीं होता, मैं क्या करूं?”

The time of human life which is called Fate is effected by four factors, The first factor is the reward of our prior birth deeds (destiny). To which no human being can change. This factor throughout our whole life gives us the effects of good and bad according to our prior deeds. This factor affects our one-fourth destiny of this life.

The second factor is the best use of time. Means to take the right decision at the right time. This factor is also helpful for the betterment of our destiny up to the second one-fourth part.

Third, we can improve third one-fourth when we come to senses after our birth by doing deeds which are called-impiety and virtue.
Impiety—Deed+Self (The deed done in favor of ourself)
Virtue—Deed+Others (The deed done in favor of ourself and in favor of others suitability)
By this, we can improve the coming time or fate can be good.

Destiny’s last one fourth and most important part can be improved by using our wisdom in worse time, That’s why we took the assistance of Numerology. We get the Birth Number of this birth from our prior birth deeds, In numerology with the help of this Birth Number, the name of the child is matched with a birth number to tune the brain performance.

If the name of person is matched according to the Birth Number then the wisdom of that man will work well even in worse time. As God has given us the knowledge to separate Oxygen from the air and fill (collect) it in a cylinder because air helps us in good time and in worse time that collected air will work or help us. So, with numerology, we can correct our stars according to our name. If we want that our wisdom works favorably in worse time then we have to name ourself by matching our name by Birth Number.

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